About Me

PhD Candidate at Cornell Tech working in the small data lab and advised by Deborah Estrin, Nicki Dell and Tanzeem Choudhury. I am also a doctoral fellow at DLI. In my research, I combine computer science and behavioral sciences to design, develop and evaluate tools for target users in the US and in ''developing'' countries.

Broadly, my research interests are in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI), information and communication technologies for development (ICTD), and behavioral sciences.

Current Research

  • Home Health Aides and Heart Failure Patients in New York
  • Designing a Beneficiary Feedback System in Kenya
  • Digital Nudge Bots to boost the productivity of graduate students

Past Research

  • Digital nudge to reduce Facebook addiction
  • SMS-driven intervention for TB patients in Nigeria
  • Mitigating fraud for female entrepreneurs in Senegal
  • Research framework for Behavioral Science researchers
  • GMAT study reminder for college students
  • Discovering digital similarities in physically co-located people
  • New time management system for college students


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fnokeke (at) gmail.com