About Me

PhD Candidate at Cornell Tech working in the small data lab and advised by Deborah Estrin, Nicki Dell and Tanzeem Choudhury. I am also a doctoral fellow at DLI. My research focuses on a multi-stakeholder approach to designing behavior change interventions for under-served communities—in the US and in ''developing'' countries.

Broadly, my research interests are in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI), information and communication technologies for development (ICTD), and behavioral sciences.


Current Research

  • Home Health Aides and Heart Failure Patients in New York
  • Designing a Beneficiary Feedback System in Kenya
  • Digital Nudge Bots to boost the productivity of graduate students

Past Research

  • Digital nudge to reduce Facebook addiction
  • SMS-driven intervention for TB patients in Nigeria
  • Mitigating fraud for female entrepreneurs in Senegal
  • Research framework for Behavioral Science researchers
  • GMAT study reminder for college students
  • Discovering digital similarities in physically co-located people
  • New time management system for college students


fno2 (at) cornell.edu